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Trilogia Consulting Oy offers expertise and concrete solutions for developing supply chain and logistic operation model planning. Trilogia Consulting has fifteen years of experience in supply chain management consulting and an extensive network of logistics operators in Finland and Central Europe.

The company was founded in 2012. Prior to that, Taina Lemola (M.Sc. Economics), who represents the company, has acquired a foundation for operations from a practical experience of working in three separate industries as a Logistics Manager and as a practical consultant in dozens of different companies.

If the supply chain efficiency plays a significant role in your activity and you are considering practical changes to your operations, get in touch. We’ll create the right solutions together and put them into practice!

Supply Chain Development in Practice

Supply chain development is a big entity that covers everything between multi-range assortment management to efficiency in return logistics. In development work, the practical work should be accompanied by taking total profitability, service level and formation of committed capital into account. A significant portion of the decisions affecting the supply chain efficiency are made in different parts of the company before the goods move anywhere. That’s why it’s very important for the entire organization to understand the content of the supply chain in its entirety.

This is one of the most significant factors affecting profitability in a company that handles large material flows. Information systems and IT play an important role in this ensemble. That’s why their functionalities should be up to date and easy to utilize.

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Logistics Professional

Trilogia Consulting Oy is a company founded in 2012 and Taina Lemola, a long-term logistics professional, is the founder and owner of the company. In addition to Finnish, her spoken languages include English, Swedish, German and Russian. We provide services for supply chain planning, project management, change management and planning for logistics operating models for SMEs and big companies. Let’s put a supply chain together in Finland and Central Europe!

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