Logistics Consulting and Project Management Assistance

Are you looking for a convenient partner for supply chain planning or project management? Trilogia Consulting Oy offers supply chain planning, project management, change management and logistics planning services from Nurmijärvi to all over Finland, as well as the whole Europe.

Our strength is our ability to communicate practical development needs from the warehouse floor to the management team for decision making. As a small company, we work in a flexible and agile manner. Our customers are both SMEs and large companies. Taina Lemola also works as Project Manager in various change projects. Find out more about the services we offer below and get in touch!

Supply Chain Planning

Are you updating your company's operational models?
Is your goal to improve supply chain efficiency, increase service level, or save costs? These are matters related to material flow control, whereby it is of utmost importance to determine what decisions have been made within the chain and how they were made.

We specialize in comprehensive analysis of guidance and have developed analysis tools to determine efficiency and development objectives. We also make concrete development proposals for improving operations.

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Project Management

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Do you need a resource for a change project? The prerequisites for a successful project completion are a strong project management capability and good interpersonal skills. Implementing changes doesn’t always work on the sidelines of your primary job, which is why it makes sense to get help from the outside.

Trilogia Consulting offers practical project expertise and knowledge in supply chain control and IT-system changes and adoption.


Are you looking for a partner for storage or transportation in Finland or in Central Europe? The first step is to recognize your needs and find a partner that matches up to them.

We’ll do this for you and we’ll participate in the change project. Whether the storage is your own or outsourced, it will always be part of the company’s entire supply chain. This should be taken into consideration during the whole planning process in order to avoid sub-optimization and a bad result. Material flow control should always be taken into consideration when development is taking place in the logistics field.

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